Smart Cookie Scholarship Fund

Smart Cookie prepares Latina/o immigrants who are first generation college students for educational success and lives of leadership and responsibility to self, family and community. We do this by providing scholarships and facilitating an integrative support structure in order to assist students to complete AAs, BAs, graduate degrees and other forms of education beyond high school.


Program Description

The Smart Cookie Scholarship Fund supports first and second generation immigrant students from Latin America who are highly motivated and who would not otherwise receive the necessary assistance to pursue an education beyond high school. Scholarship awards are determined by type of school the student attends (CC, CSU, UC), and access to other financial assistance. In addition to scholarships to finance education, the program provides advising, personal development and enrichment activities, networking opportunities, and other scholarship events to ensure students succeed at the university level and beyond. Smart Cookie aims to foster a culture of respect, commitment, pride and community investment among our Latina/o students. 

In some cases, Smart Cookie will support the completion of a certificate program at a private institution if the certificate cannot be obtained at a community college. However, it does not support private technical schools such as fashion design schools, nursing schools, etc. that charge private school rates and do not have college transferable classes.


Minimum Eligibility Requirements

To apply, you must:

  • Be a first or second generation immigrant from Latin America;
  • Be a first generation college student;
  • Reside or attend high school in one of the following cities: Fremont, Newark, Menlo Park, East Palo Alto, Redwood City, Hayward, Union City, Santa Clara or the unincorporated area of North Fair Oaks;
  • Currently attend an undergraduate college, a community college,  a public technical training program resulting in a certificate or be eligible to enroll;
  • Attend a California public university or community college (students enrolling in California private college or university or studying abroad or out of state will not be considered);
  • Demonstrate significant financial need but have secured scholarships from other funding sources;
  • Demonstrate leadership potential and willingness to contribute to your community;
  • Have a willingness to give back to the scholarship as a future mentor or board member; and
  • Be available to attend an interview between April 9 and 15 if selected as a finalist.


How To Apply

Please submit the following documents by 11:59 PM on April 2, 2014 to


Please note

  • Applicants must have Adobe Reader version 8 or higher to fill out this application. This software is available for free at
  • It is very important that the applicants complete their budget analysis accurately. The Smart Cookie Board and development assistant carefully examine this budget in order to calculate scholarships. Qualified scholarship recipients on quarter systems will receive one scholarship for the summer and fall quarter, and one scholarship for the winter and spring quarter; students on a semester system will receive one scholarship for the fall semester and one scholarship for the spring semester. As such, students must pay close attention to their expenses and income calculations on their budget.
  • Finalists are required to attend an in-person interview on the Peninsula. Interviews will be held from April 9-15.