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From Surina

Celebrating Our Past, Catalyzing Our Future

As we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Women’s Foundation of California, and I celebrate my five year anniversary as CEO, the word that keeps coming to me is power. I am reflecting on the power of this moment, the power of this movement, the power of this place, and, perhaps most compellingly, the power of all people who advance racial, economic and gender justice. There is no denying the precariousness and violence of this political moment. There is also no denying that the work we have done with and for girls and women of color, immigrant women, and trans and genderqueer people over the last 40 years prepared us for the moment we are in. We are ready. We have spent four decades and $40 million investing in, training, and connecting an unstoppable network of intersectional feminists who build community power with fierceness and love. We are transforming our laws, our communities, our culture, and ourselves to create true gender justice. 

As a movement committed to racial, economic justice and gender justice in a state that sways the entire nation, we cannot and will not shy away from our power. At the Women’s Foundation of California, we are doubling down to expand the work of the Women’s Policy Institute and grow the network’s proven ability to shift California’s policy landscape. We are experimenting with innovative projects like the Culture Change Fund as part of the newly launched California Gender Justice Funder Network. This Anniversary, we are building the infrastructure we need to fund the movement for people-powered gender justice well into the future. Across the board, we will continue to push ourselves and each other to think more inclusively about gender and cultivate a culture free from toxic stereotypes, discrimination, and harassment.

From the Gender Justice Champions to the WPI Fellows to our Grantee Partners to our Board of Directors, the people within and across the Women’s Foundation of California’s network are our true pride and power. This fall, in San Francisco and Los Angeles, we are making time and taking space to celebrate the many people who make up this community and its incredible power. Together, we will honor how far we’ve come and keep each other fired up for the work that is ahead of us. 

Whether it’s on the dance floor, in the streets, around the conference table, or in the halls of the capitol building, I hope you’ll join us.


Surina Khan

CEO, Women’s Foundation of California