Donor Advised Funds

As a donor advised fund holder, you receive all professional services—administrative, programmatic, financial—while we work to connect your social justice objectives with innovative community-based organizations.

When establishing a donor advised fund at the Foundation, you can:

  • Have your fund managed as a perpetual endowment, meaning only the income, not the principal, is disbursed, or you may disburse principal at will
  • Recommend grants of any size to local, regional and national organizations over a number of years and at your convenience. You may designate the purpose of your fund to a specific area of interest, a region or a particular organization
  • Choose to be completely anonymous or we can provide full acknowledgment
  • Select advisory members who will recommend grants from your fund
  • Involve younger members of your family to continue the life of the fund for generations to come
  • Collaborate with staff who are committed to fostering women's philanthropy and funding for social justice issues


Our current donor advised funds


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To start your own donor advised fund or find out more information, please contact Stephanie Green at