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The Women's Foundation of California partners with leaders across movements to advance gender equity and economic wellbeing for all. Over the last 40 years, we have identified, supported and ignited thousands of women leaders in California. And those leaders have gone on to transform the lives of millions. 

We are a public community foundation, which means that every year we have to raise every dollar we award as grants and as leadership training. We hope you'll consider supporting our work and the work of the women leaders we support and train. 

There are many ways to make a donation. You can give online, through the mail, through stock donations and more. 

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Involving Young Women in Philanthropy

"Part of it was the sense that it could have been me," said Alana Adams, one of the teenage members of the Violets' Giving Circles. "There was just the sense that there's a lack of justice. Why was I afforded these opportunities? Everyone should have the same chances I've had."  Adams grew up in Boyle Heights, a working-class Los Angeles neighborhood where only a small percentage of young people go on to college. She also saw how her mother's students struggled to attend and finish school — her mother is a public school teacher in South Central Los Angele.

Read about our youngest philanthropists and meet the organziations they supported in 2016. 

The Women's Foundation of California is a national leader in giving circles and community-based philanthropy. Over the last fifteen years, our giving circles have collectively awarded $10.4 million to more than 500 outstanding nonprofit organizations that serve low-income women and girls. Learn more about joining our giving circles >>