Grantmaking Initiatives

In addition to training women to be leaders in policy through our Women's Policy Institute and philanthropy through our Giving Circle Network and Donor Advised Funds, we are committed to supporting women’s rights movements, organizations and leaders through grantmaking.

Many incredible groups are using intersectional approaches to advance women’s economic wellbeing in California and we’re committed to supporting the most innovative and effective among them through timely and responsive grants. The issue areas we support may change over the years, but we’ll never stray from our focus on strengthening women’s economic wellbeing.

(1) Women's Economic Mobility Initiative

As part of Women's Economic Mobility Initiative we invest in women’s economic mobility by removing barriers and creating opportunities for quality employment and career advancement. To that end, in 2014-15 we awarded $500,000 in grants to six organizations that are helping women get and stay in healthcare jobs.

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(2) Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice Initiative

In September 2015, we awarded $450,000 to 20 reproductive justice organizations in California because we needed to ensure that California continues to lead the nation in advancing women’s reproductive rights. You saw what happened in Congress in September: A bill that would limit women’s reproductive rights passed through Assembly. Luckily for us, it died in Senate. But we cannot rely on luck. More than forty years after Roe v. Wade, we still need to fiercely defend women’s hard-won right to control our own bodies.

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(3) Inland Valley Civic Engagement Initiative

Description coming soon.

(4) Prosperity Together

As the only statewide foundation in California championing gender equity, we had to step up. We're committing $10 million over the next five years to advance women's economic security.