Women's Policy Institute

Thirteen years ago we created WPI because we realized that, if we were to create systemic change, we needed to change the policies, laws and budgets that govern our political, social and economic lives.

We realized that we needed to leverage the power of government and wield it as a force for greater good. We saw special interests using money and political influence that comes with money to create legislation that ultimately determined the lives of all Californians, including women. At the same time, we saw inspiring women leaders working in their communities, deeply aware of their communities’ problems and perfectly poised to find the solutions.

So we decided to become the bridge between the grassroots solutionmakers and the government. WPI was born.

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Giving Circle Network

As the only statewide women’s community foundation in California, it’s our duty to support women’s philanthropy in California and foster a culture of giving in our state. We’re committed to our six giving circles and are determined to grow the overall number of women philanthropists in California.

Today only seven percent of all philanthropic dollars goes to support women and girls’ causes. When we started out in 1979, that number was one percent. We have a lot to be proud of and, yet, we have a long way to go. We need to activate more women of all socioeconomic backgrounds to use the power of their purse string to ignite social change.

Over the last fifteen years, our giving circles have collectively awarded $11.3 million to more than 500 outstanding community-based organizations that are improving the lives of low-income women and girls.

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