Leader Profiles

  • The founders of Parent Voices believed that parents must be the ones who ignite and fuel the process of creating a more quality, affordable and accessible child care system.

  • Stella Kim is a policy and communications specialist with California Partnership, a statewide coalition of community-based groups that is spearheading campaigns to develop electoral power and civic engagement in low-income...

  • One of too few organizations of its kind in the country, the Transgender Law Center has improved the lives of thousands of transgender people in California by providing legal information and representation for individuals to...

  • Sarah Marquez's interest in social justice began in the fourth grade. After seeing a boy harass her friend, Sarah was ready to tell their teacher. But her friend begged her to stay quiet for fear the boy would no longer like her.

  • Densely packed into one square mile of downtown Los Angeles, 4,000 garment factories make for cramped quarters—stifling sweatshops piled high with machines, supplies and people.

  • It's 4pm on a Saturday afternoon. The smell of Acetone fills the small, cramped salon. A dozen women, primarily Vietnamese immigrants, are hunched over women's feet and hands. They look up as a customer enters asking for a pedicure before her big night out.