Our Donor Partners

Because of you—individuals, families, giving circle members, foundation and corporate partners—we are able to train and invest in women to become policy advocates and philanthropic leaders who are strengthening the economic well-being of California’s women and their families. THANK YOU!


The generosity and commitment of our Leadership Circle donors make our work powerful and possible.

Changemaker ($250,000 and up)

The California Endowment

Champion ($50,000 to $249,999)

The Annenberg Foundation
Bright Horizon Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Quinn Delaney and Wayne Jordan
Energy Foundation
Lesbians for Good
Levi Strauss Foundation
Gretchen and James Sandler

Influencer ($10,000 to $49,999)

Michelle Cale and Duncan Greatwood
Lee Draper, PhD and Tom Paiva
Deborah Drysdale, PhD
Edison International
Phyllis K. Friedman
Fund for Nonviolence
Gruber Family Foundation
Emily Honig, PhD
Kaiser Permanente Employee Giving Campaign
The Libra Foundation
Marineau Family Foundation
Monterey County Children and Families Commission
Molly Munger and Steve English
David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Susan Sandler and Steve Phillips
Schwab Charitable Fund
Southwest Airlines Co.
Faye and Sandor Straus
Tara Health Foundation
Underdog Fund of the Rose Foundation
Susan M. Wolford and Delores M. Komar

Advocate ($5,000 to $9,999)

One anonymous donor
Norma Alvarez
The Peggy & Jack Baskin Foundation
Bank of the West
Joani Blank Trust
Alison Sirkus Brody and Michael Brody
Deb Dauber
Linda Gebroe
Wanda W. Ginner
Lisa Braun Glazer, PhD
Jane Gottesman and Geoffrey Biddle
Joan and David Hadden
Crystal Hayling and Christopher Misner
Linda L. Katz
The John M. Lloyd Foundation
Sidne Long
Sarah Longstreth
Mariposa Fund at Schwab Charitable
Makena Capital Management
Monardellka Fund of Triskeles Foundation
Annelise and Jeffery Mora
Mudd Charitable Foundation
Raul and Maria Salinas
Alison Seevak
Ruth O. Sherer
Gayle and Philip Tauber
Janie Tyre and Sam Karp

Powerhouse ($2,500 to $4,999)

One anonymous donor
Barbara Beck
Paula A. Cordeiro
Gregg and Joseph DiGiacomo
Eileen Fisher, Inc.
The James Irvine Foundation
Surina Khan and Jennifer Terry
Kaitlyn Krieger
Denise Kupperman and Roger Schwab
Paulette Meyer and David Friedman
Nancy Milliken, MD
Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation
Christine Oster
Ellen Krosney Shockro, PhD
Lee and Perry Smith Fund of The San Francisco Foundation
Brenda Wright

Cornerstone ($1,000 to $2,499)

Three anonymous donors
Sayaka Adachi
Libbie Agran
Akonadi Foundation
Alternative Technologies
Janie Anderson
Judy Bee
Heather Bowden
Catherine Broadhead
Merle Brodie
Kristine Breese
Elizabeth Bremner and Karen Crow
Susan Channick
Erica Cicero and Edward Chrapla
Helen Cohen and Mark Lipman
Jean T. Conger
Paula A. Cordeiro
Amy Corton
Diana Darcy and Peter O'Riordan
William and Harriet Gould Foundation as advised by Anna Darden
Honorable Susan A. Davis
Nancy and Henry DeNero
Christine A. Doyle and Michael Yessik
Julie and Mitchell Dubick
Teri Evons
Janeal Ford
Joan Friedenberg
Cristina Fuentes
Margo R. George and Catherine Karrass
Susan M. George, MD and Miles Epstein
Will Guerra and Andrew Parsons
Jennifer Gunsaullus, PhD
Catherine Harman

Marcia Foster Hazan
Rosanne Rennie Holliday
James Hormel and Michael Nguyen
Leslie and George Hume
Robin Kaplan
Ciara Kennedy
Kerruish Fund of Schwab Charitable Fund
Kivel Luckey Justice Fund, a Giving Fund of ImpactAssets
Tam M. Ma
Lori Nishiura Mackenzie and Andrew Mackenzie
Michelle Mercer
Barbara L. Miller
Catherine Miserany
Claire Perry and Giles Goodhead
Mary Frances Kelly Poh
Cecelia Post
Julie and Lowell Potiker
Laurayne and Sandford Ratner
Returning Home Foundation
Dixie Reynolds
Lydia I. Rivera
Teresa L. Roberts
Andrea Rose
Eli & Mae Rosen Foundation
Marian B. Rosenthal, MD
Jeri Rubin
Blossom Sanger, MD
Terasa J. Scherry
Sempra Energy Foundation
Neil Senturia and Barbara Bry Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation San Diego
Mary Siegrist
Karen Silberman
Barbara Sternfeld
Betsy Strausberg
Diana Thomas
United Way of San Diego County
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Susan Wille
Karen E. Winner
Jean Young
The Zellerbach Family Foundation



We are grateful to our Supporter Circle donors who know that no gift is too small to make a difference in the lives of women and their families.

Superstar ($500 to $999)

One anonymous donor
Alyce Pipkin-Allen
Betty Amber
Lenise Andrade
Berit Ashla
Lindy Balmer
Allen J. Baum and Donya White
Amy Bernal
Morgan Justice Black
Megan Blair
Courtney Brown
Kathleen Brown
Anne T. Cameron
Virginia Chambers
Elva Chavez
Katie Collins
Elizabeth Colton
Christine Curry
Arika Daniels
Emily Larie Davis
Sarah Dawe
Danielle Dawson
Amanda Estrada
Lisa Farnan
Jaci Feinstein
Melinda Forstey
Lauren Grattan
Elizabeth Han
Matthew Hart
Mary Jean Hayden and Carla Tomaso
Marcia Foster Hazan
Shana Hazan
Michele Hébert
Gretchen Herbkersman
Maile Karris, MD
Mary Kasaris
Caitlin Kosec
Heather Laird and Ricky R. Backus, Jr.
Alexandra Lane
Jennifer Levitt
Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority Employee Giving Campaign
Los Angeles Public Transportation Services Corporation Employee Giving Campaign
Marcail MacEwan
Lynn and David Mitchell
Jennifer Nation
Tavette Neskorik
Jamie Quient
Henry A. J. Ramos and Claudia Lenschen-Ramos
Jessica T. Rodgers
Honorable Susan Rose
Sarah Delaney Rosendahl
Pamela Rudd, PhD
Brittany Russell
Amanda Schulze
Sheona Som
Erin Spiewak
Peter Stern and Holly Badgley
Timothy J. Sweeney
Nora Faine Sykes
Sarah Tipple
United HealthCare Services Inc.
Adina Veen
John Verhulp
Léonie Walker and Kate O'Hanlan, MD
Julie Waxman and Seth Freeman
Erin Whitaker
Adrienne R. Wilson and Jeremy A. Cole
Alyson Wright
Erin Zlotnik

Promoter ($250 to $499)

Three anonymous donors
Mari Aixalá
AllianceBernstein Matching Gift Program
Marcela Ampon
Julia Bailey, MD
Clara Basile
Rebecca S. Bauman
Lori and Bill Bernstein
Judy and Jordan Bloom
Broadridge Matching Gift Program
Katherine Bradshaw Chappelear
Mary F. Cooper
Cynthia A. Donovan
Kit Durgin and Elaine McKinley
Equinix Matching Gift Program
Ellie Farbstein
Wyn A. Furman
Amy Glenn
Claire Groebner
Britney Haas
John and Diana Harrington
Nona Hungate
Constance Hunter
Maryann Reyes Jackmon
Karuna Jaggar
Barbara F. Jay
Sabrina Johnson
Rajiv Khanna and Jean Milam
Mardi C. Kildebeck
Katrina Kimport and Matthew Villeneuve
Lisa Korwin and Kip Walsh
Barbara Lindemann
Maia Mercer
Bilen Mesfin
Martin Mueller
Ann Munger
Constance R. Nelson
Lisë Funkhouser Paul
Honorable Joy Picus
Jennifer Place
Marj Plumb, DrPH and Tracy Weitz, PhD
Cathy Salser
SC Builders Matching Gift Program
Elizabeth M. Seifel
Jamie Shafir
Heather Sheldon
Sande Smith
Geraldine Solimine
Lilly Spitz and Barry Loncke
Bess and Steve Sternberg
Andrea Valji
Nicole Villanueva
Katie Weitz
Suzy Wilson

Booster ($100 to $249)

Six anonymous donors
Marcy Adelman
Orson Aguilar
Nan Aron
Ruth Atkin
Virginia H. Baker
Lois W. Banner
Rosemary Berwald
LaDawn Best
Kristin Boettger
Walt and Zan Cochran-Bond
Inger Brinck and Grace Park
Corrin Buchanan
Janice Burrill
Cynthia Campeau
Frieda Rapoport Caplan
Claire Becker-Castle
Myna Chiem
Bernice E. Colman
Marianne Cooper
Pamela H. David
Sara Davis and Michelle McCormick
Elizabeth DeBenedet
Tracy DeLuca
Alison De Lucca
Carolyn DeVinny
Mayra Perez-Diaz
Gwendolyn Donaker
Roger Doughty
Michele Dumont
Barbara H. Dwyer
ECHO – Employees Charity Organization at Northrop Grumman
Debbie Felix
Arleen Feng
Elizabeth Fischbach
Theresa Fliegelman
Sandra Flores
Vanessa George
David Gould
Sara Gould and Rick Surpin
Mary and Nick Graves
Carlina Hansen
Pan Haskins
Maxine Heiliger
Gabriella Heinsheimer, MD
Lois Helmbold
Michael Herndon
Irma D. Herrera and Mark D. Levine
Sue Hilton
Liz Levitt Hirsch
Paula-Jo Husack
Frances Jemmott
Keyvan Kashkooli and Andrea Lee
Marcia Kaufman
Catherine Keenan
Jan Kern
Shirley Komoto
Amanda Cassel Kraft
Preeti Kulkarni
Amy L. Lansky, PhD
Alyce LaViolette
Huy Le
Bethany Leal
Anna Yun Lee
Nancy K. D. Lemon, JD
Margaret Levy
Wendy Lichtman
Jennie Littlewood
Christine Low
Thanh-Thuy Thi Luong
Jo Ann Madigan
Kristen Martin
Andrew McFarland
Kim McGillicuddy
Barbara L. Miller
Susan Wise Miller and Joseph M. Miller
Tim Minezaki
Bonnie J. Moss
Kari Mueller
Patricia and Robert Murar
Susan E. Nash
Helen Nedelman
Julia Nelson
Stephanie Nguyen
Julie Nice and Lisa Taggart
Fazilet O'Flynn
Ana L. Oliveira
Christine J. Orr and Paul Cooper
Elissa Parker
Melissa Martinez-Petersen and Joaquin Petersen
Catherine Porter
Kelly Jenkins-Pultz
Diana Ramos
Mary Rapoport
B. Ruby Rich and Mary Peelen
Susie Richardson
Adrienne Robinson
Elissa Roy
Diane Sabin, DC and Jewelle Gomez
Rebecca Sander
Sempra Employee Giving Network
Catherine J. Schreiber and Hashem Rouhani
Pixie Hayward-Schickele
Enid Schreibman
Erin and Andrew Schultz
Bonnie Schwartz
Marcia Settel
Laura J. Short
Mady Shumofsky
Teddi Silverman
Levi Solimine
Jerra Spence
Martha Stabler
Susannah Stokes
Lisa B. Strongin
Susan L. Swan
Carol A. Tisson and Mike Ginn
Millie Troll
Denise M. Tyson and Adrienne L. Sherwood
Sharon Ullman
Robert S. and Diana Villafana
Louise Wannier
Elizabeth Warren
Sharon Westafer
Erin Whitaker
John White, PhD
Ethel S. Worn
Ellen Zucker

Enthusiast ($1 to $99)

Seven anonymous donors
Alaskan Airlines Workplace Giving Campaign
Angelica Alvarez
AmazonSmile Foundation
Jaqi Thompson Asghedom
Elizabeth Ayala
Elizabeth Bailey
Christi Baker
Brianna Beck
Laurence Alan Bender
Libby Benedict
Barbara Bloom
Laura Bock
Amy Bonczewski
Nicole Brown-Booker
Robert Borders
Kristine Breese
Melanie Brew
Sara Cooley Broschart
Ingrid Brostrom
Carol Brown
Jackie Buchan
Elizabeth Buchen
Sasha Buchert
Megan Burgoyne
Catherine Busick
Wendy Calimag
Emily R. Callao
Maria-Elena Caprio
Lisa Taylor Carlock
Miki Carpenter, MPH, PhD
Susan Castagnetto
Juana Rosa Cavero
Strela Cervas
Anna Chacko
Wendy Chavira
Namju Cho
Debi Clifford
Krystle Contreras
William Cooper
Daniel Costello
Abigail K. Coursolle
Stephanie Romero-Crockett
Susan Cruz
Celia Cudiamat
Waunette Cullors
Mallory and Aaron Dakan
Elizabeth Daskarolis
Malina De Anda
Kersten Deck
J. Parker Dockray
Jamie Dolkas
Brian Edwards
Tiffany Eng
Ericka Erickson
Sylvia Fajen
Stephanie Fajuri
Lija Farnham
Caroline Farrell
Nnekay FitzClarke
Renee Fitzgerald
Tania Flores
Kathryn Forbes, PhD
Erin Garner-Ford
Patricia Foster
Marisol Franco
Jan Nichols-Franz
Joan and Thomas Frenkel
Alissa Friedman
Emily Galpern, MPH
Gap Inc. Giving Campaign
Tamaya Garcia
Edward Garey
Lindsay Gervacio
Arlene M. Getz
Shoilen Ghose
Nancy Goldberg
Jenny Davidson-Goldbronn
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Julia Goodman
Google Matching Gifts Program
Judith Graboyes and Deborah Cooper
Ellen Greenstone
Sharon Greer
Jennifer Greppi
Samantha Gupta
Cynthia Guzman
Sequoia Hall
Judy Harper
Emily Harris
Sierra Harris
Davida Hartman
Ali Hartwell
Farideh Hatami
Rev. Ann Hayman
Kathleen Ruiz-Healy
Martha Chono-Helsley
Hannah Hill
Margari Hill
Patricia Hobe
Marin Camille Hood
Nancy Houdre
Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles Employee Giving Campaign
Claudia Huerta
Jessica Huerta
Therese Hughes
Jo Seavey-Hultquist
Kenneth B. Hunt
Marlene Hurd
Laura Hurst
Sarah Hutchinson
Shonda Hutton
Martha Hyde
Amy Iftekhar
Kimberly Irish
Mary Isham
Melissa Jacobs
Emily Jarosz
Catherine Joaquin
Melissa Johns
Tamiko Johnson
Margaret Kadoyama
Laura Kanter
Caren Kaplan
Sheryl Kaplan
Paulyne and Ian Keefe
Donald E. Kelley Jr.
Nomsa Khalfani
Candice Kim
Michele Littmann King
Deanna Knickerbocker
Tanya Koshy
Manjusha Kulkarni
Kristen Kussmann
Elizabeth Laferriere
Sharon Cohen Landau, MPH
Sarah Leadem
Sarah Lightfoot
Tina Ling
Percy Link
Julia Liou, MPH and Sam Yang
Lolita Andrada Lledo
Anaí Ibarra-López
Maria Lopez
Los Angeles Community College District Employee Giving Campaign
Diana and Eugene Lu
Alison Luke
Nicole Monastersky Maderas
Mathew Malkin
Jeff Mallory
Shazia Manji
Susanne Marczak
Tara Marino
Nicole Maron
Cathy Marroquin
Lisa Marroquin
Carolina Martinez
Virginia Matthews
Morgan J. McBride
Debra McCray
Dora McKean
Susan McKedy
Nicole Decouzon McMorrow
Sarah McNeil
Nayantara Mehta
Jenny Chung Mejia
Nancy Mejia
Grace-Sonia Melanio
Sandra and Thomas Melchior
Melinda Mendelson
Reuben Mendoza
Sara Mendoza
Alba Mercado
Mariah Messer
Beryl M. Michaels and John L. Bach
Guadalupe Garcia Montano
Penelope Morris
Moss Adams LLP Matching Gift Program
Gabrielle Muse
Rosalina Navarro
Janet Neary
Nikki Newsome
Mai Nguyen
Krista Niemczyk
Deborah Nitasaka
Maribel Nunez
Dana Ginn Paredes
Art Pearl
Lisa Pedersen
Constance Slider Pierre
Meghan Pimentel
Sahar Pirzada
Karen Jo Platt
Ai-jen Poo
Elizabeth A. Potter
Mary Sue Poulelis
Venetia Pristavec
Nikole Collins-Puri
Jennifer Rakowski
Jocelyn Ramirez
Tracey Rick
Naomi Robinson
Vanessa Robinson
Gisselli Rodriguez
Karla Rodriguez
Diana Ross
Jovida Ross
Judith Rosselli
Debbie Vola-Ruben
Oscar G. Ruiz
Evarosa Holt-Rusmore
Jessie Ryan
Cheryl Schumacher Scaffidi
Donna M. Scheifler
Susanne and Gregory Scherman
Johanna S. Schiavoni
Catherine Dorn Schreiber and Peter Schreiber
Timothy Schwartz
Phoebe Seaton
Marissa Seko
Lai-San Seto
Hemali Shah
Alexis Shaidnagle
Elaine Sierra
Margaret Silverman
Leslie B. Simon
Lynsay Skiba
Erin Skidmore
Cristiana Teot Skoby
Jit Soni
Cherrill M. Spencer
Sara Spriggs
Elizabeth H. Storey
Helen Ewan-Storey
Randi Sunshine
Mariya Taher
Amber Talburt
Tempest Pool Team A
Lauren Tompkins
Jeanette Torres
Toyota Motor Sales Employee Giving Campaign
United Way of Greater Atlanta
Jocelyn Vargas
Blanca Vazquez
Silvia Viramontes
Mailee Wang
Lois Marshall-Ward
Heather Warnken
Kristina Wertz
Cheryl Whittle
Kim Williams
Anna Wong
Nancy Hing Wong
Debbie Wood, RN
Judy Wydick
MaiKa Yang
Rye Young
Rick Yuen
Rich Yurman
Cecilia Zamora
Diana Zuñiga

If your name is listed incorrectly or you would like to change how you are listed, please contact Giulietta Wertz-Best at 510-740-2509 or giuliettawb@womensfoundca.org



We thank members of our Living Legacy Circle who have included us in their estate plans, sustaining the Foundation for years to come.

Two Anonymous Donors
Gail Abarbanel       
Laura Bock
Elizabeth L. Bremner and Karen Crow
Kathleen Brown and Van Gordon Sauter       
Kathryn M. Downing and Gerry Flake
Lee Draper, PhD and Tom Paiva
Pat B. Etienne
Tracy Gary
Suzanne Greene
Ruth Herring
Adelaide Hixon
Kesa Kivel
Susan and Roger Kokores
Sidne Long
Melanie and Richard Lundquist
Judy Patrick
Honorable Joy Picus
Mary Frances Kelly Poh
Vanessa I. Poster
Marjorie Randolph
Jean Ross
Mady Shumofsky
Susan L. Swan
Belinda Smith Walker and John F. Walker
Kate Wilson
Bennett Wright      

If you have included the Women’s Foundation of California in your estate plans and do not see your name above or you are interested in learning more about the Living Legacy Circle, please contact Nicole Decouzon McMorrow at 510-740-2517 or nicolem@womensfoundca.org.


Gifts were made in memory of:

Karen Cox
by an anonymous donor

Helen Jeanne Keenan
by an anonymous donor; Lindy Balmer; Cynthia Campeau, Catherine Keenan; Mai Nguyen; Cheryl Schumacher Scaffidi

Jing Lyman
by Michelle Cale and Duncan Greatwood

Rosemary Schreiber
by Sharon Greer

Harriett Wieder
by Jerra Spence

Gifts were made in honor of:

All the lesbians who have survived
by Sherly Kaplan

Aileen Adams
by Barbara Lindemann

Laura Alexander
by Emma Alexander

Dr. Vicki Alexander
by Nancy Hing Wong

Michelle Cale
by Orson Aguilar; Norma Alvarez; Linda Gebroe; Melissa Johns; Surina Khan and Jennifer Terry; Lori Nishiura Mackenzie and Andrew Mackenzie; Tam M. Ma; Nicole Decouzon McMorrow; Annelise and Jeffery Mora; Lisë Funkhouser Paul; 'arj Plumb, DrPH and Tracy Weitz, PhD; Adrienne Robinson; Gretchen and James Sandler; Catherine J. Schreiber and Hashem Rouhani

Camille Caparas
by Tim Minezaki

The Carters
by Kristen Kussmann

Hillary Clinton
by Carol Brown; Jenny Davidson-Goldbronn

Kim Cooley and Donnie Cox
by Barbara L. Miller

Elisse Cortez
by an anonymous donor

The Grue Family
by Barbara L. Miller

Hannah Rebekah Habito
by an anonymous donor

Kate Kendell and Sandy Holmes
by Jeff Mallory

Surina Khan
by Marcy Adelman; Mari Aixala; Nan Aron; LaDawn Best; Michelle Cale and Duncan Greatwood; Celia Cudiamat; Pamela H. David; Roger Doughty; Julie Dubick; Linda Gebroe; Linda L. Katz; Matthew Hart; Maryann Reyes Jackmon; Caren Kaplan; Mardi C. Kildebeck; Deanna Knickerbocker; Lisa Korwin and Kip Walsh; Huy Le; Bethany Leal; Tam M. Ma; Jo Ann Madigan; Bilen Mesfin; Fazilet O'Flynn; Ana L. Oliveira; Lisë Funkhouser Paul; Marj Plumb, DrPH and Tracy Weitz, PhD; Ai-jen Poo; Adrienne Robinson; Jovida Ross; Elissa Roy; Diane Sabin, DC and Jewelle Gomez; Randi Sunshine; Susan L. Swan; Sharon Ullman; Louise Wannier; Sharon Westafer; Rye Young; Caleb Zigas

Alexandria Marcus
by Mary Kasaris

Pamela Mudd
by Merle Brodie

Their Daughers
by Patricia and Robert Murar

The Riel-Mehan Family
by Barbara L. Miller

Cathy Schreiber
by Sharon Greer; Catherine Dorn Schreiber and Peter Schreiber

Dr. Lo Sprague
by Rebecca Sander

Janie Tyre
by David Gould; Elissa Parker; Marcia Kaufman

Marissa G. Vadi, MD
by Mathew Malkin

Akemi Washington
by Tim Minezaki

Women's Foundation of California
by Catherine Dorn Schreiber and Peter Schreiber