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Alex Beltran


Events Coordinator

Team Member

Alexandra, or Alex, is currently serving as Program Assistant for the Solis Policy Institute. She is a 33-year-old campaign operations officer from San Bernardino. She has worked on campaigns on a congressional, state, and local level within the Inland Empire region of Southern California. After the 2016 election cycle was over, she became a fellow for the SPI Local program, then County program, working with a team on improving sex education curriculum in schools across San Bernardino County. Upon completing the fellowship in 2018, Alex felt that she had the experience, knowledge and skills to run for City Council. Her campaign was powered by a small group of community members that saw a need for better representation in the community. In the end Alex and her team came short by only 8 votes. This experience has driven her to continue to help young, poc candidates run for office and stress the importance of each person’s vote. The three main issues that are important to her are gender equality, environmental justice, and voting rights. Alex enjoys baking, acrylic painting, and spending time with her three dogs Izzy, Binky, & Basil.

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