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Jocelyn Lopez


California Lead Organizer

Jocelyn Lopez is an organizer, artist, and first-generation college student. Growing up and seeing her parents work low-wage jobs and struggle to make ends meet motivated Jocelyn to fight for all marginalized communities that are often underpaid and undervalued in the workplace. She attended Whittier College and received her B.A in Theatre and Communication Arts and a minor in Sociology. She has organized non-tenure professors and administrators at Occidental College to win both of their unions and was working with app-based drivers in Los Angeles who are classified as independent contract workers and receive little benefits from the companies they work for. She is currently the California Senior Organizer at United for Respect and is organizing Walmart workers and other low-wage retail workers to advocate and pass the Pro Act which would eliminate the fear of retaliation and other barriers that prevent workers from speaking on workplace issues.

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