Women’s Policy Institute (WPI)

Social change: Not for the faint of heart. The perfect job for a community leader.

2018-2019 WPI-Local Fellows

The class of 2018-19 Women’s Policy Institute-Local is composed of 18 grassroots community leaders. They come from five counties—Alameda, Los Angeles, Monterey, San Bernardino, and Santa Cruz—and are working in six teams.

The Alameda County Economic Justice Team is fighting to improve systemic accountability for and measurement of Black girls’ success in the Oakland Unified School District.

The Alameda County Environmental Justice Team is working to address the lack of sanitation access for the homeless to give more dignity to this population and improve water quality for all in the Oakland area.

The Los Angeles County, Criminal Justice Team is working to reform the bail system in Los Angeles County so that it is fairer to marginalized communities and improves the criminal justice system.

The Monterey County, Health Team is advocating to secure universal preschool for all 3 and 4 year olds in the City of Salinas.

The San Bernardino Environmental Justice Team is fighting to address the over-saturation of warehouses in San Bernardino County that attracts thousands of toxic diesel trucks next to vulnerable communities.

The Santa Cruz County Economic Justice Team is working to increase access to affordable housing for Latinos & Latinas working in low wage jobs in Santa Cruz County.

Learn more about the WPI-Local teams and check out their bios here!

The Alameda County, Economic Justice Team

Alameda County, Environmental Justice Team

Los Angeles County, Criminal Justice Team

Monterey County, Health Team

San Bernardino County, Environmental Justice Team

Santa Cruz County, Economic Justice Team