2013-14 Annual Report

Author: Women's Foundation of California

We foster social change by listening to the women experts and by connecting them to each other, to other nonprofit organizations, to powerful policymakers and to you—our community of supporters. In this year's annual report you will see how your financial support is enabling us to use public policy to create equity, advance human dignity and deliver on our promise to create a California where everyone can thrive.

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2012-13 Annual Report

Author: Women's Foundation of California

This year's annual report is unique. We were inspired by the New Yorker and its feature-length articles, which take a complicated issue and explain it through history, human interest stories, poetry and illustrations—all the while making critical connections that otherwise would have been difficult to see. What if we applied a similar strategy to tell the story of low-income women in California—what helps and what hinders them from becoming economically secure and what we, as a public foundation, are doing and will do about it?

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2011-12 Annual Report

Author: Women's Foundation of California

In 2011-12 we departed from our usual way of working. We took a good, hard look at the desperate economic situation California’s women find themselves in and we said, “Enough!” With California budget debates on the horizon, we decided to seize the moment. We leveraged our respected position in Sacramento and our expertise in public policy to launch an advocacy campaign—Stand with Women.

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2012 Voter Guide

Author: Women's Foundation of California

In 2012, we supported Proposition 30 as well as a few other important ballot initiatives. Proposition 30 passed and it promises to raise about $6 billion a year between 2012 and 2017 to provide revenue for programs such as children’s education, CalWORKs, childcare and other human services. These programs are critical to the economic security of women and families and the long-term economic recovery of California.

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2010-11 Annual Report

Author: Women's Foundation of California

This annual report focused on ways that the Foundation together with the member of our network turned crisis into opportunity. Faced with a difficult economy and polarized political conversations that felt devoid of compromise, it was easy to feel discouraged. And there was no denying the crisis. Over the past two decades, the programs designed for the public good had been chipped away. Eighty percent of Californians had seen their incomes decline. And the social services had been cut to the bone.

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It's a Money Thing: A Girl's Guide to Managing Money

Author: Women's Foundation of California

Foreword: Kathleen Brown, former treasurer of the State of California.

One important thing a teenage girl can do for herself is learn about money - how to make it, save it, invest it and spend it wisely. Through engaging and practical exercises, this guide teaches girls valuable lessons to help them lead financially secure and independent lives. It's a Money Thing is a perfect gift for the young women in your life and when you purchase the book you're also supporting the work of the Women's Foundation of California.

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Life Moments for Women

Authors: Patty DeDominic and Maureen Ford

Life Moments for Women is a collection of personal turning points from 108 extraordinary women of California. The book offers a rare glimpse into the hearts and minds of notable California women. Readers will be inspired by the powerful lessons contained in these personal stories of courage, perseverance, faith and hope. The authors of Life Moments seek to raise $1,000,000 for the Women’s Foundation of California.

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