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The Foundation regularly publishes op-eds and reports related to women's economic security and well-being. For example, we have published op-eds about the alarming increase of non-violent women in prison, the effect of California's budget cuts on low-income women and families, and the importance of women's active civic participation. In addition, we publish regular blog posts that highlight and/or written by grant partners, donors and board members.

Featured Reports

The first of its kind online resource that provides rigorous and timely data on women's health, personal safety, employment & earnings, economic security and political participation. Explore now!
California's women and children have not shared equally in the emerging recovery. It's time to invest in them. Read the report and the executive summary.
Our February 2012 report Falling Behind shows that California women and children are losing ground due to the combined impact of the recession and the state budget cuts.
Re-envisoning the Work of Women
In our latest report we propose an innovative approach to building women’s economic security: blending workforce sector development and economic justice.