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 Magali Sanchez Hall is a California success story. That wasn’t always the case. She is an immigrant, a single mother, and a survivor of domestic violence.

“But because California chose to invest in community colleges, I was able to get an education. Because California chose to invest in CalWORKS, I was able to afford childcare while continuing to work,” explains Magali.

And now, having just finished her last year at UCLA, she is preparing to apply to lawschool. Ultimately, she wants to run for office so that she can help others.

“My success story would not have been possible if Californians hadn’t chosen to invest in programs that help women like me lift themselves out of poverty. But what about the women who come after me? If the proposed budget cuts go into effect, many women in California will not have the opportunities that I have had.”

California can do better. CalWORKS, subsidized child care and grants that provide access to community colleges have been cut enough. Tell the legislature not to balance the budget on the backs of women and children, when the State Board of Equalization lists 500 tax cheats who owe the state over a half BILLION in taxes. See for yourself here: 

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