What We Fund

We fund organizations that are generating bold ideas and solutions to address complex issues that affect the economic security of low-income women and families. The organizations we support have deep partnerships in their communities and work across traditional movements to make systemic change and eradicate the root causes of inequity. Our grants may be statewide, regional or local in scope. The types of grants we provide are:

General operating support

These grants fund the regular, ongoing costs that are central to an organization’s mission or that strengthen its infrastructure. Without general support grants, organizations rarely have the flexibility to pursue the strongest, most creative solutions to the issues they address.

Planning grants

These grants support organizations in defining the scope, strategy, roles and responsibilities of a new program before implementation. This is critical as many grassroots organizations face challenges due to inadequate time and funding for planning.

Project/program implementation

These grants support specific projects or programs that have been well defined and planned, that fit into our strategic vision, and that use systemic change strategies such as policy advocacy, community organizing, leadership development, media and public education and civic participation.

Collaborative work

These grants support two or more partner organizations in collaborating toward a shared goal. To be eligible for funding, collaborative members must have a formal agreement defining roles and responsibilities.