2023 Annual Report: Invest


Deep power building is the result of generations of freedom fighters, visionaries, organizers, and supporters who believed in and backed their movements for change. With a focus on meeting needs and community well-being, we disbursed nearly 200 grants amounting to over $5.5 million.


of grant partners are led by gender-expansive folks and women


in direct grantmaking



$5.5 Million

Community Power Fund

We gave our first-ever round of multiyear grants to 16 organizations on the frontlines of change. Our commitment to multiyear, unrestricted grantmaking prioritizes general operating support, ensuring our communities have not only the dollars, but also the trust and the time required to transform our world.

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$1.6 Million

Culture Change Fund

Culture is a powerful catalyst for driving transformative change. In response to the need for cultural and narrative work within our Community Power Fund, we established the Culture Change Fund. Through this initiative, we have committed more than $1.6 million in support of organizations dedicated to nurturing narrative, artistic, and storytelling endeavors that contribute to shaping our feminist future.

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*WFC Grantmaking FY22-FY23

Our work is guided by a multifaceted strategy that addresses critical issues at the intersection of gender, race, and economics. Whether it’s safeguarding the rights of California’s domestic workers, investing in criminal justice reform, or resourcing organizations committed to reclaiming ancestral lands for Indigenous communities, our commitment is to ensure the health, safety, and prosperity of all.

We know advancing the efforts and solutions of women of color and gender-expansive individuals is the key to building a more equitable future. Our intersectional funding policies and priorities include Transgender, Gender Nonconforming, and Intersex (TGI) communities, and in the aftermath of Roe, essential support to Reproductive Justice organizations. As we navigated the post-COVID landscape, our commitment to survivors of gender-based violence remained, with a deepened focus on culturally responsive organizations across California.

$2.2 Million

Gender-Based Violence

Gender-based violence has been a pandemic within the COVID-19 pandemic. For the third year in a row, with the support of partners such as Blue Shield of California Foundation and others, we have invested in survivors across California, and in 2022, we augmented support to culturally responsive gender-based violence service providers. We also continued our work with the Housing Opportunities Mean Everything (HOME) Cohort, a cohort of 11 organizations focused on advancing housing solutions for survivors of gender-based violence. HOME is funded by WFC, Fondation CHANEL, and Blue Shield of California Foundation.

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$1.6 Million

Reproductive Justice

We continued to boldly partner with communities, the office of the Governor of California, and the State Legislature to protect bodily autonomy and we are vigorously investing in reproductive justice for the next generation. Together, we are radically co-creating California’s reproductive justice future by moving financial resources and building collective power.

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Transgender, Gender Nonconforming, and Intersex (TGI) Community

We take pride in prioritizing grants for organizations supporting the Transgender, Gender Nonconforming, and Intersex (TGI) community. Recipients include the TGI Justice Project, offering legal services for incarcerated and impacted TGI individuals, and the California Trans, Gender Nonconforming, Intersex Policy Alliance, a statewide TGI policy coalition. WFC’s Dr. Beatriz María Solís Policy Institute (SPI) also champions TGI justice, including achievements such as the establishment of the Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund and the passage of the Momnibus bill, offering vital reproductive support to TGI people of color.

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