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Feminists for Racial, Economic, and Gender Justice

Advancing a Feminist Plan for California’s Economic Recovery

We need a gender justice approach at the forefront of our response to the coronavirus pandemic and California’s economic recovery.

Through an innovative public-private partnership with California Governor Gavin Newsom’s office, we are raising $50 million for our Relief and Resilience Fund to reinvest in our communities to provide immediate relief and support longer term policy shifts.


Our Origin Story

The founders of the Women’s Foundation of California believed that, as women, we have the right and the power to change the world through our philanthropy. Indeed, when an individual is philanthropic, they acquire not just influence, but agency and joyful purpose.

As we approach our work through a critical and inclusive gender lens, we focus on the experiences, concerns, and leadership of cisgender and transgender people, non-binary and genderqueer people.

Find out more about the story of the Women’s Foundation of California.

Our Successes

  • 40 bills passed
  • 500+ fellows trained
  • 40 years creating change

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