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Theory of the Future

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Women's Foundation California is building a multigenerational, cross-cultural movement toward a feminist future in which grassroots communities are healthy, safe, and prosperous and systems operate with love and justice.

We advance racial, economic, and gender justice, with the goal of shifting power and resources. In the feminist future, women, gender-expansive individuals, communities, and partnerships embody mobilized feminist leadership, driving our collective liberation. We invest in and amplify the work of grassroots leaders, organizations, and communities, redistributing power and resources toward our vision of California’s feminist future.


Our Values

Our values are the heart of our organization, guiding our work daily and driving our dreams for a feminist future. We are a diverse team with unique perspectives, united by our purpose, strategy, and culture. Committed to achieving racial, economic, and gender justice, these three principles define our every action.


Profound joy that transcends mere fleeting happiness. A spirit of gratitude that manifests and radiates warmth and resilience even in the face of challenges.


Rooted in collaboration and justice, our power fuels bold community transformation and challenges oppressive systems, building an inclusive and equitable future.


Through our interconnectedness, cultivating a sense of belonging energizes and intertwines our struggles, nurturing a radical feminism that envisions greater possibilities, and forging a resilient and united community.

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Our Strategies

Women’s Foundation California amplifies the voices and experiences of community leaders, redistributes knowledge, power, and resources, and mobilizes communities and funders to advance justice for all. We support collaborative, multiracial solutions designed by feminist leaders and promote an inclusive, representative democracy.

We amplify the voicesvalues, and impact of our community partners, facilitating their ability to organize, undertake policy advocacy, shift culture, and build narrative power through funding and messaging.

We cultivate and connect leaders throughout the state, harnessing relationships to create a vibrant community. By mobilizing resources and supporting grassroots movements, we ensure that our collective endeavors—bolstered by the support of donors and community power—yield meaningful and lasting progress toward liberation.

Redistribution is a feminist act. We are challenging and disrupting the white, cisgender-hetero-patriarchal norms of traditional philanthropy. As we reallocate knowledge, power, and resources, we trust the leadership and vision of women and gender-expansive people’s lived experiences.

Our Harvest

Women’s Foundation California resources racial, economic, and gender justice movements, building toward the feminist future in which the leadership of women and gender-expansive folks drive collective liberation, systems embrace love and justice, and communities are healthy, safe, and prosperous. These are the outcomes we strive for.

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Outcomes Outcomes

Our collective feminist future is a place where everyone has what they need. Intersectional racial and gender justice movements are abundantly resourced, allowing our community to lead with radical creativity where everyone has the space to rest, recharge, and delight in the joy derived from our collective.

In this intersectional feminist future, systems are reimagined and restructured to prioritize love, justice, and equity for all individuals. This vision is rooted in the understanding that the liberation of one group is intertwined with the liberation of all, fostering a world where everyone can thrive.

Only through community collaboration can we craft our envisioned feminist future. We believe in the power of our communities and co-conspirators to spark a bold and transformative form of authentic leadership, leading to our collective liberation.

We advocate for policy changes and support organizations led by and serving women of color and gender expansive people dedicated to creating a California where our bodies, families, and communities flourish in health, safety, and prosperity. We are committed to protecting bodily autonomy, promoting environmental health and community well-being, and building an equitable, inclusive, and just economy.

Growing Community









Amplify, mobilize, and redistribute are the foundational strategies for our work as we build the capacity of movement leaders, artists, activists, and culture makers to accelerate systems change. For over four decades, our essence persists: we are an entity built to cultivate power, reshape narratives, and fortify communities in the relentless pursuit of racial, economic, environmental, and gender justice. This truth endures today as it did in our inception. Join hands with us in this ongoing journey.

This work is powered by you.

The feminist future we are building together in California is going to be built by all of us sharing our time, our money, and our skills.  Please consider contributing today.

Together We Are Unstoppable.

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