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Women of color are essential to our electoral progress, communities, and futures. Last year, over 300 California community leaders, philanthropists, activists to signed our letter urging Gov. Gavin Newsome to appoint a womxn of color to the specifically a Black woman, to the Senate.


Our Feminist Guide to CA Propositions 2020

To help you navigate California’s ballot this season we are weighing in on four propositions that are inextricably linked to racial, economic, and gender justice in our state. Our positions on each of these ballot initiatives are shaped and influenced by the steadfast work of our partners and allies across our network.


Gender Justice Wednesday

Each Gender Justice Wednesday, we highlighted actions focusing on everything from voter engagement, to the important state and local issues our WPI fellows, alums, and grant partners are working on, some of which will be on the ballot in November. All you have to do is take action!


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