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The Culture Change Fund

no gender justice without culture change

The Time for Change is Now

2018 began with #MeToo and #TimesUp dominating the headlines, social media, and even the red carpet. In November, a record number of women, people of color and LGBTQ people won seats from Congress to city councils. And in 2019, six women are running for president of this country, the most in our history.

Women, especially women of color, non-binary, gender nonconforming and genderqueer people, are the voices of people impacted by gender-based oppression, violence, and discrimination and are too often ignored in our larger cultural narrative.

The tide is changing. In order to experience a sea change, we must ensure that not only the people holding power change, but the culture that we all live, learn, love, vote, and work in changes as well.

What is The Fund?

We believe it’s time to address how our nation understands gender and change how the public thinks about wide-ranging issues from racism, abortion, contraception, pay equity, closing the women’s wealth gap, income security, and gender-based violence, and harassment.

“The national conversation on sexual assault and harassment brought by the #MeToo movement and unconstitutional abortion bans in nine states has shown that this problem cannot be fixed with policy alone.”

Surina Khan, CEO of The Women’s Foundation of California

By focusing on culture change, the Fund’s goal is to create broad public support for a new way of thinking that centers gender, racial, and economic justice at the heart of the solution to any systemic problems. 


The Fund will focus on financing three key areas.

  • A data-driven narrative research project called Story at Scale, which will conduct audience research and create, test, and deliver a story strategy that can advance gender justice across a variety of issue areas. Story at Scale employs a collaborative research process and is designed for practical use by advocates, artists, and campaigners in all of their communications and organizing efforts.
  • Creating a community of practice and learning where funders, activists, artists, and researchers working at the intersection of gender justice and social change work can share information and contribute to a living library of ongoing resources. Funders and activists can advance collective understanding about narrative and culture change strategies, as well as share best practices.
  • Providing direct grants to partner organizations and campaigns from the most impacted communities who are engaging in cultural organizing to advance their gender justice efforts, or are interested in utilizing these strategies.

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