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How We Work

The resources we raise together ensure that women of color and gender non-conforming folks across the state – our grantee partners and WPI fellows and alums – have the financial stability, flexibility, and support to change laws, shift culture, and build solutions.

Whether you contribute five dollars or five hundred a month, giving monthly advances our shared feminist future and invests in the long arc of change.

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We are on the cusp of something truly transformative.

In this particular political moment when so much is at stake, the pivotal role that California plays in shaping the political destiny of the country makes the work of Women’s Foundation California all the more vital.

Year after year, we have invested in, trained, and connected a dynamic network of leaders. We have proven the true power and potential of what it means to make sure that those closest to the problem and the solution have the financial resources, training, and connections to make that solution real.

Now is the time to expand and deepen our work together to ensure those fighting for gender, racial, and economic justice are resourced for the work ahead.

Together We Are Greater.

All founding members of The Continuum will receive an enamel lapel pin of our Women’s Foundation California logo.

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Together we are greater.

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