Mary Ignatius

The founders of Parent Voices believed that parents must be the ones who ignite and fuel the process of creating a more quality, affordable and accessible child care system. This spring, the group led its 15 chapters in a fight against the line item veto that would have eliminated California’s Stage 3 Child Care Program and devastatingly affected more than 60,000 children. The parents won!

But that’s not the only way that Parent Voices measures success. Parent Voices teaches low-income women to understand policy and advocate for themselves. As a result, often the group’s greatest impact has been helping women to reverse the emotional tailspin they experience when budget cuts threaten services they need.

“Whenever I witness a low income mother recognize their own power, I feel so honored to be part of that awakening in them. Once they’ve built enough self-confidence and found a community that supports them, they are able to go farther than they ever dreamed possible—they now have the ability to advocate”

— Mary Ignatius, Parent Voices Statewide Organizer

Statewide Organizer
Parent Voices
San Francisco, CA
Key Efforts: 

This past year, Parent Voices worked successfully to prevent the complete elimination of Stage 3 child care in the California budget, which would had affected more than 60,000 children.