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Adrianna Griffith

She/Her, Adrianna

Interim Volunteer and Outreach Program Coordinator

Trauma Justice

Interim Volunteer and Outreach Program Coordinator
Women’s Center Youth & Family Services

Adrianna is a native of San Jose and a longtime resident of Stockton. She is a Program Specialist in the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program for the Women’s Center Youth & Family Services where she has worked for the past 4 years providing direct services to individuals and families experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. She is a Lived Experience Expert using her past experience of victimization and incarceration to assist others experiencing trauma. Her passion and focus have been to empower those most impacted by incarceration and human trafficking, helping them to unlock their full potential and understand how their vulnerabilities and victimization’s led to their decision making as well as bringing awareness to her community about how they can intersect in someone’s life. She is currently back in school and studying for a degree in political science and hopes to one day hold a law degree.

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