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Ashley De La Rosa


Education Policy Director, Dolores Huerta Foundation

Community Health

Community Health

Ashley De La Rosa is a first-generation Chicana graduate from UC Santa Cruz. Ashley’s upbringing in East Bakersfield, motivated her to return to her hometown and challenge systemic barriers that affect her family and community. As the Education Policy Director for the Dolores Huerta Foundation, Ashley oversees the grassroots organizing and advocacy that dismantles the School-to-Prison Pipeline, which targets BIPOC and low-income youth. Her advocacy efforts have led to transparent communication, a decrease in suspensions and expulsions, and stopping the use of funds intended for high-needs students for school police. Through teamwork, Ashley empowers parents, community members, and youth to hold the city, school, and local representatives accountable for perpetuating conditions that contribute to the School-to-Prison pipeline creating change in the Central and Antelope Valley.

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