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Betty McKay


Membership & Wellness Coordinator, Essie Justice Coordinator

Criminal Justice Reform

Ms. Betty is the Membership Growth and Wellness Coordinator at Essie Justice Group and develops Essie’s member leadership and engagement. She was incarcerated in the California prison system where she fought for the rights of incarcerated folks. Ms. Betty became the Participant Advisory Council Chairperson for Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO), receiving a Leadership Award for exceptional service. She graduated from Initiate Justice’s Institute of Impacted Leaders. She has led Essie’s Black Mama’s Bail Outs in California in partnership with the National Bail Out Collective so that they can be at home with their children and not in cages. Ms. Betty has done workshops at Columbia University’s Beyond The Bars Conference and Free Her Conference. She received the Anti-Recidivism Peace Builder Award from Islah LA.

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