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Clarissa Ramirez


Policy Manager, California Latinas for Reproductive Justice

Reproductive Justice

Clarissa Ramirez is Policy Manager with Californa Latinas for Reproductive Justice, the only California-based, statewide advocacy organization whose mission focuses specifically on promoting Latinas’/es’ Reproductive Justice through policy advocacy, combined with community-informed and community-centered long-term
movement-building strategies. Her experiences as a xicana in an increasingly misogynistic, and xenophobic culture, and as the child of a teen parent have led her to Reproductive Justice work as a way to confront the oppression and injustices she and her community face. In her role as program coordinator, she works in communion with CLRJ’s Justice for Young Families Organizer and young parents to bring wider acceptance, respect, and pathways to stability for young families. She also works to ensure policy efforts remain in alignment with CLRJ’s vision & focus.

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