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Edith Rico


Project Director, Fresno Building Healthy Communities

Trauma Justice

Edith Rico joined the Fresno BHC team in March of 2023 as our Project Director. Edith has vast experience in project management and advocacy for marginalized populations here in Fresno. Prior to joining our team, Edith worked with a local nonprofit that focused on
housing and mental health services for those who are in marginalized communities. Born in Mexico, Edith immigrated to the US as a child. Growing up in Easton and rural Fresno, with farm-working parents, Edith knows how many in Fresno County struggle to find the right resources and support. Currently, Edith is working towards her bachelor’s degree in counseling and applied psychology. Edith is looking forward to being a part of the team, changing policy at the local level, and being a part of the voice of our communities here in Fresno.

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