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Freddie Francis

Communications Consultant Transgender Advocacy Group (TAG)

Freddie Francis is a white genderqueer person determined to use their privilege and power to uproot white supremacy and cisheteropatriarchy. Freddie got involved with supporting incarcerated LGBTQ community members in 2014 through the Black and Pink penpal program. Freddie works with the Transgender Advocacy Group (TAG), a coalition of organizations and individuals seeking to support, advocate for, and organize alongside our transgender community behind bars with the long-term vision of abolishing all carceral systems. Currently, Freddie works on a coalition supporting the Trans RAD Act (SB 132), which addresses housing for incarcerated trans folks, as well a TAG working group to build solidarity amongst currently incarcerated LGBTQ community members. Freddie also does communications and press work for Medina Orthwein LLP, a queer-owned law firm in the Bay Area that demands reparations for those most impacted by racialized and gendered discrimination and violence. Freddie holds a BS in Communications concentrated in Public Relations from Boston University.

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