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Jackson James “JM” Jaffe


Founder, Consultant

Community Health

Founder, Consultant
Trans Health Consulting, LLC

After 8 years at Lyon-Martin Health Services, JM created Trans Health Consulting to improve access to trans healthcare nationally through provider education, technical assistance, policy advocacy and direct services. JM was first to obtain Medicaid coverage of many different gender affirming surgeries in the US, slowly changing the landscape of access nationally through case appeals and policy advocacy. They have obtained insurance coverage of over 750 gender affirming surgeries over the past decade. As a consultant, JM educates health professionals, helping to implement organization-wide trans care integration. They manage TransLine, a clinical support e-consultation service and published the TransLine Hormone Therapy Prescriber Guidelines in collaboration with over 20 trans health experts. JM is a co-chair of the National LGBT Primary Care Alliance and a member of SF’s Office of Trans Initiatives’ Trans Advisory Committee. They serve as Board Secretary of St. James Infirmary and Board Lead of OurTransHomeSF.

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