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Katrina Baptiste


Policy Analyst/Community Liaison

Criminal Justice Reform

Katrina Baptiste serves as a Sr. Paralegal at the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, where she works as the sole Paralegal in the Trial Integrity and Police Misconduct/Accountability Division. Katrina has extensive experience working on policy issues and directives within the Office to include, The Innocence Project, Conviction Review, Restorative Justice, and the Sentencing Commission. In 2021, Katrina became a Policy Analyst and Community Liaison at Stable, Secure and Strong, a Non-Profit Organization that supports the transitional process of formerly incarcerated individuals returning to the community. In 2020, Katrina became the President of Community Villages, Inc., a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to homeless outreach, food donation drop-off, and a re-entry program. Katrina has outreached to and supported unhoused communities, distributed weekly food donations, and hosted community talk events, on related issues, including equity, inclusion, race and gender.

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