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Kelly Savage-Rodriguez


Program Coordinator

Criminal Justice Reform

Drop LWOP Program Coordinator
California Coalition of Women Prisoners

Kelly Ann Savage-Rodriguez is the DROP LWOP coordinator for California Coalition for Women Prisoners. A 46-year-old white woman, Kelly was just recently released after 23 years of incarceration. Governor Jerry Brown commuted her Life Without Parole sentence in December of 2017, allowing her a chance for a parole hearing. In November 2018, Kelly was finally released. Kelly has experienced the shattering effects of both domestic violence and incarceration. In which she survived the impact on her mind and spirit. She was an inside member of CCWP for over 15 years and helped initiate first the Living Chance storytelling project, and then the DROP LWOP campaign. Kelly is now working first hand with survivors of both domestic violence and incarceration. She is connecting with other formerly-incarcerated women and men and networking with social justice organizations around the state to expand the DROP LWOP campaign.

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