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Lidia Ruelo-Salazar


Co-Executive Director

Trauma Justice



Lidia Ruelo-Salazar is a Latinx, two-spirit, queer organizer, advocate, community herbalist and a survivor of violence. Her professional experience in the anti-violence field began 15 years ago. Lidia is now a Co-Executive Director at Community United Against Violence. CUAV is an LGBTQI2S anti-violence organization that supports the healing and leadership of survivors of Intimate partner violence, hate violence and violence from law enforcement. Her movement work has been involved in prison abolition, immigrant rights and liberation for queer and trans communities. Lidia is a member of California’s Partnership to End Domestic Violence, and sits on the Policy Advisory Council which provides guidance to the Partnership on the many challenging and complex policy issues impacting survivors. Lidia is also a policy co-chair of the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) which strives to increase the safety and resources of LGBTQI survivors of violence through policy advocacy and education.

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