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Natalia Gottschalk


Work and Family Program Advocate, Legal Aid at Work

Trauma Justice

Natalia Gottschalk (they/she) is a queer, multiracial advocate of underserved communities. Born in Mexico, Natalia has lived across Mexico and USA and is now based in San Diego. Natalia currently serves as the Work and Family Program Advocate with Legal Aid at
Work, a San Francisco-based workers’ rights nonprofit that provides services across CA. In their current role Natalia helps manage hotlines that provide direct services to pregnant workers, family caregivers and survivors of domestic violence. Natalia also promotes workers’ rights via outreach to community members and partners, and advocates for policy and systematic change. Natalia is a certified Domestic Violence counselor, certified in Mental Health First Aid, and has won awards for their work with low-income and undocumented individuals.

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