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paradyse oakley

They/Them; She/Her

Essie Sister, Essie Justice Group

Criminal Justice Reform

paradyse oakley is a graduate of University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) with a triple degree in Community Studies, Critical Race & Ethnic Studies, and Politics; and specializing in Reproductive & Healing Justice, Community Organizing, Gender and Sexuality. paradyse is an Essie Sister and Program Team Lead dedicated to seeing our loved ones set free. A long time community member of South Central Los Angeles, paradyse lives her life with the love & dedication to her community in mind at all times. Inspired by the motto “see a need, fill a need;” she aims to use her skills and resourcefulness to aid her community’s needs. She is an advocate for taking as much time to rest as needed. She is a down to earth foodie ready to try amazing vegan food.

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