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Patrice Berry


Chief Impact Officer, End Poverty in CA (EPIC)

Community Health

Patrice is the Chief Impact Officer at End Poverty in CA (EPIC), a poverty abolition organization founded by former Stockton Mayor, Michael Tubbs. Previously, Patrice advised former Oakland Mayor
Libby Schaaf, leading economic mobility strategies aimed at removing barriers to education and workforce success. As an advisor, Patrice founded AssistHub, an organization that makes it easier to claim public benefits and other resources in California. Prior to Oakland, was the Director of College Track East Palo Alto and a student success center in Philadelphia, where she co-founded Leaders of Change, a social entrepreneurship program for aspiring first-generation college students. Currently, she serves as a board member of Hack The Hood and Moneythink, and is an alum of 4.0 Schools, Fast Forward, Camelback Ventures, and the Roddenberry Fellowship.

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