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Trina Greene Brown


Executive Director

Reproductive Justice

Executive Director
Parenting for Liberation

Recognized as a 2018 Inspirational Parent and as a 2017 Black Feminist Rising, Trina Greene Brown is a leader on the rise and she’s taking Black parents and children along with her to higher heights. She brings 15 years of experience engaging leaders within the violence against women’s movement to build an inclusive gender and racial justice movement by fostering deep, authentic relationships in beloved community. Trina Greene Brown is a proud Black-feminist Mama-activist of two and in 2016, she founded Parenting for Liberation for parents of Black children to envision a world where our children are free to be their most liberated selves as a virtual platform consisting of a blog, podcast, and in-person trainings and conferences. She is the author of “Parenting for Liberation: A Guide for Raising Black Children” published in June 2020 by Feminist Press.

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