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Xochitl Lopez-Ayala


Policy Advocacy Coordinator, ACCESS Reproductive Justice

Reproductive Justice

Xochitl grew up in Los Angeles on Tongva lands, later moving to Alaska for 14 years. Her day job involved managing store operations for a major Alaskan telecom company, but beyond that, she committed herself to advocacy. Emulating both Clark Kent and Superman, she volunteered for Social, Racial, and Reproductive Justice causes. Xochitl focused on policy and legislation to ensure affordable, safe, and inclusive reproductive health services. She contributed to Northwest Abortion Access Fund and led as Vice President at Kachemack Bay Family Planning. A member of the Homer Pride Planning Committee and a graduate of the Movement Makers program, she stood for diverse rights. Xochitl, supported by spouse Don and their dogs, Laika and Charlie, remains an inspiring advocate for justice and equality.

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