The Dr. Beatriz María Solís Policy Institute

The Dr. Beatriz María Solís Policy Institute (formerly Women’s Policy Institute) celebrates a woman who spent her too-brief life nurturing the transformative power of community. Dr. Beatriz María Solís’ deep commitment to women and girls of color and gender expansive folks across the state is powerfully reflected in the policy advocacy program that now bears her name.

For nearly two decades, the Solís Policy Institute has fundamentally shifted the public policy landscape in California by changing who has access to the halls of power.

Center community. Build mentorship. Change Policy. Practice love.

Dr. Beatriz
María Solís

A fierce mentor and expansive dreamer, Dr. Beatriz María Solís was clear in her purpose and steadfast in her commitment to justice. Known mostly by her nickname Bea, she dedicated herself to building healthy communities. Her decades of work as the Program Director at The California Endowment was a natural extension of her vision and values.

She pushed herself and her colleagues to invest boldly in women and women of color as community changemakers. She aimed to follow the lead of women most impacted by oppression and encouraged her colleagues to do the same. Bea is remembered for the beautiful example she set for so many translating love into justice whether at her alma mater UCLA, in her philanthropic work, or in how she raised her family.

Bea Solís passed away in March of 2020 after a long struggle with ovarian cancer. She lives on in our hearts and in the continued work of the Solís Policy Institute to build a feminist future in California. We are deeply grateful to Bea’s family – her husband Mohammad and her two sons, Avrin and Aydin – for entrusting Women’s Foundation California to carry forward Bea’s powerful legacy in California and beyond.

portrait of Beatriz Maria Solis

“I have an internal compass that is deep. I focus on the most impacted people at my core, it steers me. Being clear about my purpose is my north star.”

— Bea Solís


Aasia Stormm
Aileen Adams
Belinda Smith Walker
Caitlin Brune
Carol Banquer
Crystal Crawford
Dianne Yamashiro-Omi
Ellen LaPointe
Elmy Bermejo
Henry Ramos
Jai and Kent Wong
Jasmine Sanchez
Jennifer Ybarra
Joel Perez
Julia Rabinovitz
Kamika Dunlap
Kathleen Sanchez
Laura Alberti
Lee Draper
Libby Benedict
Lindsay Gervacio
Mazuri Colley
Rena Orenstein
Stephanie Green
Surina Khan & Jennifer Terry
Tara Westman
Tina Winters


Dr. Beatriz María Solís Memorial Endowment Fund

The feminist future we are building together is a multigenerational endeavor. As we strive to advance racial, economic, and gender justice today, we are keeping our eyes on the horizon. We are co-creating the resources, relationships, and investments we need to continue to nurture healthy communities and transform political landscapes well into the future.

This work is strengthened through The Dr. Beatriz María Solís Memorial Endowment Fund, a living and permanent recognition of Bea and her impact on California.  The fund celebrates her legacy in perpetuity and ensures the next generation of community leaders will be well resourced for the work ahead.

Join us in making Women’s Foundation California the home for Bea’s legacy. Make a contribution today and invest in our feminist tomorrow.

Moving Beyond
The Binary

Our new Solís Policy Institute celebrates Bea’s commitment to championing the leadership of self-identifying women and girls of color and gender expansive folks across the state. Renaming the Institute honors Bea’s legacy and brings greater alignment to our gender inclusive work at the Foundation. The fellows who participate in the Solís Policy Institute identify with a broad range of gender expressions and identities and we are grateful that the Institute’s new name will be a more accurate reflection of our community and our values.

This work is powered by you.

The feminist future we are building together in California is going to be built by all of us sharing our time, our money, and our skills.  Please consider contributing today.

Together We Are Unstoppable.

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