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Our 10th class of Women’s Policy Institute (WPI)  fellows is walking on water. As of June 24, 2013, the six bills that our six teams are working on are all alive and well. They’ve all passed their houses of origin and have moved on to the second house. Congratulations, fellows!

For example, SB 61 (Yee), the bill that our Criminal Justice Team is working on, passed Senate and on June 25 goes to the Assembly Public Safety Committee. If it passes that committee, it will go to the Assembly Appropriations and if it passes that committee, it will go to the full Assembly for a vote. And if it passes the full Assembly with 50% or more votes, it will go to the Governor.

This success so far is truly a testament to our fellows’ determination as well as skillful collaborations with the authors of their bills. We are hopeful that come October 13 every one of those bills will gets signed into law.

We now have almost four months to mobilize to support these bills. We’ll be posting soon ways for you to take action, such as petitions and letter signing campaigns, so please stay tuned.

Until then, learn about the six bills our fellows are working on.

Learn about AB 271  »
Maximum Family Grant Rule

Learn about AB 420 »
Willful Defiance

Learn about AB 422  »
Increasing Access to Health Care Coverage

Learn about SB 39  »
Clean Energy Employment and Student Achievement Act of 2013

Learn about SB 61  »
Limiting Solitary Confinement in Juvenile Facilities

Learn about SB 612  »
Residential Tenancy: Survivors of Domestic Violence and Human

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