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We are proud to announce this year’s slate of 4 feminist bills making their way through the Legislature, each designed to transform and reimagine California. To celebrate, we’re coming together in person on May 15th in Sacramento for our annual Legislative Reception to honor the feminist policy advocates shaping an intersectional feminist future. 

Our SPI fellows bring their creative and expansive collaboration to shape legislation that moves us closer to our feminist future. These SPI teams have been working hard for months to craft legislation and secure authors, and now they are moving their bills through committees. WFC is proud to support California state policy that centers health, safety, and justice for ALL:

  • AB 2759: Domestic violence protective orders: possession of a firearm.
    Trauma Services & Prevention
    Presents a comprehensive set of revisions aimed at enhancing the fairness, consistency, and overall efficacy of the law on firearm restrictions, while concurrently bolstering protections for survivors of domestic violence and the broader public.
  • AB 2527: Incarceration: pregnant persons.
    Criminal Justice Reform
    Ensures that incarcerated pregnant individuals in county detention facilities and state prisons have access to nutritious meals and clean, free water. It also seeks to prohibit the use of solitary confinement for pregnant individuals who are incarcerated.
  • AB 2136: Controlled substances: analyzing & testing.
    Health and Prosperity
    Facilitates the expansion of drug-checking services within public health departments and their partners by eliminating specific legal barriers and dismantling provisions that criminalize such services.
  • AB 2785: Tenancy: application fees & security deposits.
    Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice
    Caps rental application fees at $50, requiring clear refund policy language on application forms, and mandating landlords to deposit security deposits in interest-bearing bank accounts with tenants listed as beneficiaries.

Stay tuned as we follow these bills through the legislative cycle. Together, we are building a better future for California!

And don’t forget to join us in Sacramento on May 15th! Let’s raise a glass to celebrate feminist leaders in California and a more just and equitable future for all!


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