Advancing Policy at the Intersection of Gender-based Violence and Housing

In a space dedicated to fostering relationships that have long been siloed, the recent Advancing Policy at the Intersection of Gender-based Violence and Housing convening of the Housing Opportunities Mean Everything (HOME) Cohort exemplified the power of shared partnership and collective action. As we gathered to imagine what’s possible, we confronted the daunting reality of addressing gender-based violence alongside the California housing crisis, recognizing the interconnectedness of these pressing issues.

Our HOME Cohort is rooted in coalition building to create momentum and move forward together. In a landscape where the challenges seem overwhelming, we are committed to doing more than just addressing immediate needs—we are striving to envision and enact long-term solutions.

By integrating messaging on gender-based violence and homelessness, the HOME Cohort aims to dismantle barriers and forge new pathways toward a future where every individual has access to safe and stable housing. We know housing security reduces the pervasiveness of domestic violence. Together, we embark on a journey of collective imagination, pushing boundaries, passing new policies, and advocating for a world where all can thrive. Here’s a summary of the key takeaways and victories from our collaborative efforts:

  • Intersectionality in Action: Recognizing the inextricable link between housing insecurity and gender-based violence, we emphasize the importance of prioritizing holistic approaches that address the diverse needs of survivors. Housing is a key barrier for many seeking to leave an unsafe situation, and one of the leading causes of homelessness for women and gender-expansive people in California is domestic violence.
  • Legislative Victories: Celebrating recent legislative wins such as SB1017, SB914, and SB567, which protect survivors from eviction and provide crucial support for renters facing housing instability. Additionally, initiatives like supporting the allocation of housing units for domestic violence survivors demonstrate progress toward ensuring safe housing options.
  • Centering Survivors: Trauma is not just something that exists within the individual but exists within systems and institutions. We know we cannot solve homelessness without addressing domestic violence. 
  • Building Partnerships: Emphasizing the power of collaboration, we highlight the importance of forging alliances with other homeless and domestic violence service providers to amplify our impact and address systemic barriers.
  • Local Solutions, Statewide Impact: Acknowledging that solutions must be tailored to local contexts, we underscore the significance of meeting survivors where they are and advocating for gender-based violence representation in decision-making processes at all levels.
  • Addressing Root Causes: Moving beyond temporary fixes, we recognize the need to tackle the root causes of homelessness and gender-based violence, advocating for long-term strategies that prioritize prevention and holistic support.
  • Advocacy in Action: From advocating for state encampment funding resolutions to supporting initiatives aimed at moving individuals into permanent housing, we remain committed to driving tangible change through advocacy and action.

As we continue our journey toward gender justice and housing equity, we are committed to collaboration, survivor-centered approaches, and systemic transformation. This impactful gathering delved into the intricate connection between gender-based violence and the challenges of housing insecurity and homelessness. Collectively, we worked on starting to craft a comprehensive policy agenda that addresses the underlying factors contributing to homelessness in California through an intersectional lens.

Together, we can create a future where every individual has access to safe and stable housing.

Special thank you to our partners Fondation CHANEL, Blue Shield of California Foundation, and Lyft for their generous support of the Advancing Policy at the Intersection of Gender-based Violence and Housing Convening to end gender-based violence and homelessness in California.

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