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I love me and You Are Beautiful slogansBy guest blogger Emma Spencer, an 8th grade English teacher in Mountain View

At the Sunday Streets event in San Francisco’s Mission District, a bright colored table staffed by two teen girls caught my eye.  Actually I think it might have been their t-shirts with pithy slogans that I noticed; these girls obviously had something to say on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.  I climbed off my bike, propped it nearby and ventured closer. Their table sported information and promotional items from About-face*, an organization that fosters positive self-esteem among young women.

They invited me to weigh myself on their scale. “Oh, okay,” I said, and stepped on. When I looked down, I didn’t see numbers moving by – I saw words instead . . . “beautiful, perfect, awesome.” One of the teens handed me a bright yellow business card that read: “I weighed myself on a different scale! It said that I am AWESOME!” Funny as it sounds, after stepping of the scale, I really felt better and encouraged just to be me.

Before leaving, I picked up an orange bumper sticker that will look perfect next to my desk at school:  “Your mind never goes out of fashion.”  Thank you, About-face, for a few moments of sweetness and truth in your booth.

Read more from About-face: 10 Ways to Empower Yourself!

*About-face is a grantee partner of the Women’s Foundation of California

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