Announcing $450,000 in reproductive justice grants - Women's Foundation California

We are proud to announce that we just awarded $450,000 in grants to 20 reproductive health and justice organizations in California. This is an increase from $250,000 we planned to award in June.

Why the increase? Because we received grant applications from 69 incredible organizations totaling $2.5 million in requests for funding. We quickly realized that the need was too great and that we needed to urgently increase our investment. So we did everything we could to raise an additional $200,000 and support 10 more reproductive justice organizations.

Meet our 2016 Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice grant partners!

We’re proud to support the reproductive justice movement in California because we believe that women must have the right to control their own bodies. We believe that all women and girls need full access to family planning services, including contraception and abortion.

Our mission is to advance the economic wellbeing of women and families in our state and one important way we can do that is by advancing women’s reproductive health and rights.

Research shows that when women have access to family planning services they are more likely to complete their education, remain in the paid workforce longer and advance in their careers. That is, family planning services allow women to be full participants in our economy. At the same time, research has shown that women who have children at a young age as a result of limited access to birth control tend to make less money than their peers.

Barriers to family planning like high costs of contraception, lack of health insurance and misinformation mean that many low-income women are not receiving much needed reproductive health services. As a result, women in poverty are five times more likely to have an unintended pregnancy than women whose incomes are above the poverty line.

We’re proud that our modest grants totaling $450,000 will help incredible yet under-resourced community-based organizations continue advocating for justice and providing lifesaving reproductive health services.

This work is powered by you.

The feminist future we are building together in California is going to be built by all of us sharing our time, our money, and our skills.  Please consider contributing today.

Together We Are Unstoppable.

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