Nicola Schulze, Author at Women's Foundation California

Feminist Gift Guide 2022

Our intersectional feminism takes many forms.  It’s in the being and doing of our dynamo grant partners, it’s in the […]

Breena Nuñez: Coloring Book Conversations

Through their diary comics, Breena Nuñez explores everything from the awkwardness of racism to growing up as a queer Afrodescendiente […]

WPI Victory Lap 2020

As we pass from one season to another, I want to take a moment to celebrate the big victories, small […]

Investing in Gender and Racial Justice Builds the Power We Need

April 24, 2018 Written by Rhiannon Rossi, Program Officer, Women’s Foundation of California Here at the Women’s Foundation of California […]

Meet Teenage Philanthropists Who Are Making a Difference in Los Angeles

Violets, all juniors and seniors at Marlborough, have awarded over $200,000 in grants since 2006 to organizations that are working to improve the lives of underprivileged women and girls in the Los Angeles area through education. This year they awarded $10,000 each to four remarkable organizations.

Defining Ambition and Success on Our Own Terms

As I read Kristin van Ogtrop’s article, Why Ambition Isn’t Working for Women, in last week’s Time magazine, I reflected […]

Our Giving Circles Award $395K in Grants to 18 Organizations

Over the last 16 years, our giving circles have collectively awarded over $10.8 million to 518 outstanding nonprofit organizations that serve low-income women and girls.

Tribute to Kathryn Green

Kathryn was a dear friend and we will miss her terribly. The celebration of her life will be held on Saturday, May 16 at 4 PM at the Stanford Faculty Club.

The Hidden Impact of Incarceration on Women

Gina Clayton, a 2014 Soros Justice Fellow at the Women’s Foundation of California, writes about the devastating effects of mass incarceration on women. Gina is Founder of Essie Justice Group, a fiscal project of the Foundation.

Why California Needs More Women Legislators

Women in positions of power tend to build more broad-based coalitions. They are more likely than men to act with urgency to shift the priorities to focus on health and human services, education and community infrastructure.

In Honor of Jan Tuttleman, Generosity Warrior

The world lost a great warrior for justice and philanthropy on October 29. Our board member, Jan Tuttleman passed away […]

Changing the Conversation from Having it All to Creating a Values-Rich Life

When my twin brother and I were little, people would often ask what we wanted to be when we grew […]

Turning Friends Into Family at the Momentum Awards

Last week, we held our fourth annual Momentum Awards. I loved the event for many reasons. Some things that stand […]

Despite Setbacks, the Passion for Policy Burns Bright

As the 2011/12 Women’s Policy Institute (WPI) class teams wrapped up their policy projects we had a reminder that the […]

Honoring Fathers and the Generosity of Strangers

Being a parent is a unique and extraordinary experience, one that at its roots is about caring for another. Yet […]

Domestic Worker Bill of Rights – Surprising Facts

On Wednesday, March 30, the Women’s Foundation of California celebrated International Domestic Workers Day by co-hosting a webinar with the […]

Collaborating to Create a Healthier Central Valley

In the small unincorporated community of Lost Hills in California’s Central Valley, residents lack sidewalks, bus stops, libraries, clean water, […]

Is it Passion or is it Abuse on Jersey Shore?

I caught the most recent episode of Jersey Shore (MTV) the other night. Putting aside for a moment the fact […]

Grown Up “Mean Girls”

Maternity leave has granted me many wonderful things: precious, irreplaceable time with my new son, Julian; long walks rediscovering Golden […]

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