2021 Feminist Gift Guide - Women's Foundation California

The holiday season is upon us. While having a hyper-consumption-fueled-anti-capitalist meltdown is definitely one way to approach the holidays, we’d like to propose another option. Give gifts in a way that reinforces your values and invigorates an intersectional feminist approach. You don’t even have to become some kind of DIY-all-my-gifts-are-homemade magician overnight. 

We put the call out of our team at Women’s Foundation California to create a feminist gift guide that covers lots of different people on your list in a way that reinforces our shared vision for racial, economic, and gender justice and supports businesses run by women and gender expansive folks of color.

The Foodie

We’ve got a few options for the food lover on your lists.
Who says cooking can’t be a radical act? 

  • La Cocina – La Cocina, a grant partner, cooks up big business for women, immigrants and people of color with their food-forward business incubator program. Whether you buy their cookbook, get a gift card, or visit their newly-launched shop in San Francisco, there is a lot to love. 
  • Kita Wine – A stellar indigenous-owned winery run by Tara Gomez in Lompoc, California. The word “Kitá” means “Our Valley Oak” in Samala, the native language of the Chumash.
  • Kuali Salsa – Spice it up with Kuali salsa! Launched mid-pandemic, this Mexican owned salsa company in Oakland is unapologetically spicy and authentically delicious. 
  • Plant Parenthood T-shirt – Our grant partners, Feed Black Futures, make beautiful merch that supports their work feeding Black mamas and caregivers impacted incarceration.


Got a few folks on your list who would rather stay in no matter the season?
We’ve got you covered. 

  • Heather McGee’s The Sum of Us – As the subtitle suggests, this book takes a look at “what racism costs us and how we can prosper together.” This beautiful, solutions-fueled read is a real gift. 
  • Nevertheless, She Persisted Puzzle – From Sojourner Truth to Angela Davis, you can put together this puzzle and get a refresh on your feminist icons. 
  • Nguyen Coffee Supply – Stay home and sip coffee with this delicious Vietnamese-style brew made with love and hustle. 
  • Pronoun Socks – Keep those feet cozy at home with our limited-edition Chucha Collection socks from our very own merch line.

the little ones

For the young folks on your list,
let’s set the stage for the feminist future we’re building together. 

self care champion

We’ve got a few ideas for body-positive dynamo on your list
who loves a good potion and wants everyone to be into themselves in the best possible way. 

  • Gifted by FreeFrom – Another grant partner doing phenomenal work in the world, these beautiful gift boxes from FreeFrom curate a collection of goodies from businesses run by survivors of domestic violence. They are building wealth and healing trauma. 
  • Nalgona Positive Shop – Whether they are celebrating matriarchal brilliance or calling out diet culture as white supremacist, this body positive shop offers a great selection of stickers, tees, and sweats. 
  • Feminist Gift Box – Our limited-edition Feminist Gift Box is a dreamy holiday gift that reflects your intersectional feminist values. This curated collection of goodies is the perfect fit for almost anyone on your list. 
  • Protect Each Other Water Bottle – We all know you gotta drink that H20! Make it easy and beautiful, and beneficial with our limited-edition Chucha Collection water bottle.

person with everything

There is inevitably someone on your list who already has everything.
Here are a few ideas for them. 

  • Sweet Feminist Wares– It seems pretty unlikely that this person already has a cake-shaped magnet with a feminist motto, right?! 
  • Feminist Gift Box – Our limited-edition Feminist Gift Box is a dreamy holiday gift that reflects your intersectional feminist values. This curated collection of goodies is the perfect fit for almost anyone on your list. 
  • Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate – Too much chocolate isn’t something that we believe is possible.  We’re especially into Casa De Chocolates and Socalo Chocolates.
  • Abundant Tee – Bring that abundance energy, good vibes, and sweet style with our limited-edition Chucha Collection tee.

This work is powered by you.

The feminist future we are building together in California is going to be built by all of us sharing our time, our money, and our skills.  Please consider contributing today.

Together We Are Unstoppable.

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