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Representation matters whether it’s on the silver screen, in the halls of congress, or in our state legislature. And our Solís Policy Institute (SPI) represents!

Across California, they reflect a magnetic group of BIPOC women and trans and genderqueer people. Their experiences as immigrants, as differently abled folks, as people who struggle to make ends meet, or know first-hand what it’s like to spend time in prison shape how they think about policy and community. Over 500 strong, our SPI networks brings innovation and expansive thinking to make legislative moves and cultural shifts toward the feminist future we know is possible.

This year’s cohort has led three bills to the capitol floor and that is something worth celebrating. If passed these key pieces of legislation will greatly impact the lives of historically underrepresented folks, pregnant people, and survivors of abuse. September 10th is the last day for bills to be heard on the floor so reach out to voice your support today. Together, we can get them across the finish line!

  • Get on the Momnibus!
    SB 65The California Momnibus bill is an all-inclusive bill that closes the racial, gender and poverty health gap to keep pregnant people alive and have the best possible chance for healthy lives for mom and baby. The bill provides birthing options like doulas, expands access to midwives, extends Medi-Cal care and provides cash aid to low-income pregnant people. Proud to work on this piece of legislation with Sen. Nancy Skinner, Black Women for Wellness Action Project, The California Nurse Midwives Association, March of Dimes, National Health Law Program, Naral Pro-Choice California, Western Center on Law and Poverty, and over 70 health, rights, and justice organizations across California and the country.
  • Police Oversight
    AB 481 – Compel police departments to be approved before buying or receiving funds to buy military equipment like armored cars and unmanned aircraft. This bill would require much needed transparency from local law enforcement to outline what kind of equipment they plan to use and for what purposes. Led by Assemblymember David Chui, this bill would be a great step toward greater accountability.
  • Justice For Survivors
    AB 124 – Over 90% of female-identified folks in California’s prison are themselves victims of abuse. Correcting a longstanding wrong, this bill supports survivors of violence, including domestic violence and human trafficking, by providing a clear legal mechanism for trauma-informed charging, sentencing, and resentencing for survivors on trial and currently imprisoned. Working with Senator Sydney Kamlager, the Young Women’s Freedom Center has created an action center where you can learn more.

We know having BIPOC women and trans and genderqueer people in politics changes everything. Let’s be honest cis-white men have been in charge of the legislation shaping our communities for way too long. It’s clear we need more women and trans and genderqueer folks creating our laws and that’s what the Solís Policy Institute is all about. These bills are radical game changers for our feminist future so contact your California representative today. We’ve got this!

This work is powered by you.

The feminist future we are building together in California is going to be built by all of us sharing our time, our money, and our skills.  Please consider contributing today.

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