California Budget Project Summary of May Revise - Women's Foundation California

Trying to understand the May Revise? A very useful tool for doing that comes from the California Budget Project (CBP), a non-partisan public policy research group based in Sacramento.

On Monday, the group issued a statement proposing how we should be thinking about the budget gap. “Without a balanced approach to addressing the budget gap – one that includes additional revenues – we face even deeper cuts to schools, colleges, and other core public structures that are essential to the lives of all Californians. The tax measure the Governor plans to put before voters in November provides a reasonable, sound approach to stabilizing the state budget and creating a foundation on which to rebuild going forward,” the group said.

CBP also produced a summary of the May Revision, which they will update as new details become available. You’ll find it’s readable and clear. To download the summary, click here. Stay up to date on the signficance of the budget, by visiting the California Budget Project.

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