Climate of Opportunity

Women’s reproductive health and rights are inextricably linked to environmental health and justice issues. Women’s bodies and reproductive health are often the markers of environmental contamination through diminished fertility, fetal developmental disabilities and increased rates of cancers. Beginning in 2008, the Foundation brought together grant partners working in these two movements to form the Environmental Justice/Reproductive Justice (EJ/RJ) Collaborative. The Foundation has seen firsthand how joint advocacy generates more inclusive movements and stronger outcomes for communities. This report summarizes the EJ/RJ Collaborative as a reference for funders, policymakers, organizations and others interested in joint advocacy work.

An Executive Summary highlighting the findings of both Climate of Opportunity and Movement Strategy Center’s 2009 report Fertile Ground is also available. Fertile Ground examines the work of 24 organizations working for reproductive and environmental justice and how an intersectional approach to movement building can lead to more powerful outcomes at all levels.


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