Diana is a Healer

Diana Zuñiga is a community organizer, policy advocate, healer, and a Solís Policy Institute alum (State and Local). She centers healing, health, and justice in her practice.

Every Sunday at 8pm Diana along with her fellow co-organizers gathered with the Honor Lives Lost network for an ongoing online ritual of grief and organizing. Together, they created a digital altar and spoke aloud the names of incarcerated people we’ve lost to COVID-19 and honored them by saying, “In the arms of the ancestors may you rest, and rise.” In this space, Diana and her team also circulated petitions, shared social media campaigns, and advocated for policy change so that our people could be free from cages.

Part healing circle, part advocacy space, Diana used a grant from the Alum Advocacy Fund to support the work of the Honor Lives Lost network. This is the only time of year that we raise funds specifically for our Alum Advocacy Fund. Will you make a gift today as part of our Giving Tuesday campaign to ensure critical and creative projects like Honor Lives Lost can continue to thrive?

Invest in Healing

Diana’s work through these powerful re-humanizing rituals stand as just one example of what is made possible by our Alum Advocacy Fund. And just one example of the powerful healing work that Diana does. For years, Diana has provided support around healing work across our Funders Policy Institute and our Solís Policy Institute at both the state and local level. Diana now runs a powerful practice with her newly launched Tres Lunas Consulting

The digital altar that Diana created with Honor Lives Lost is ongoing. If you feel moved to share an offering to honor the life of a loved one who has died in prison you can contribute to the altar at any time. 

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Together, we can make sure that there are more resources available to heal and to organize, to gather and grow, and to the build the feminist future we know is possible.


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