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Yesterday, Jennifer Terry published an op-ed in CNN called Do Women Need a Sex Pill? that pops a perennial question. . . what do women want? The impetus for the question? The FDA has been holding hearings on whether or not to approve a new pharmaceutical pill called flibanserin that strives to help women feel more desire. Terry explores the roots of these questions and then encourages a deeper exploration of women’s sexuality and desire.

Just this weekend, in Psychology Today, I read another article that touches on the tricky subject of women’s sexual desire: Learning to Lust. This article said the problem is that women are often too busy, too focused on other areas of their lives and even too worried about their personal appearance to feel relaxed and connected to their sexuality. The answer is not a pill, according to these authors, but for women to develop greater mindfulness and awareness about their bodies.

To pill or not to pill? Ultimately, the answer resides in making sure that women have the knowledge, as well as the economic, social and political power to make appropriate decisions that support the well-being of their bodies and their communities.


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